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Monday, October 10, 2005

Does God love the Devil?

The Gospel readings this week include the message "Many are called, but few are chosen." This is a difficult saying when one wants to think of the love of God ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table of the wedding feast. How can one go to hell [if hell exists] if we have a loving God? We try to ameliorate the harshness of this idea by placing the responsibility entirely on the sinner for freely chosing a life separate from God, but I wonder if anyone - knowing what hell was really like and what heaven was really like - would chose hell? On the other hand, if we are truly free - we are free to chose the wrong. Indeed, many times we do chose what is wrong - knowing that it is wrong and knowing that we will later regret it. As Saint Paul stresses, what I should do, I do not do.

I am certainly not the first to struggle with these issues.

Does God love the Devil? Yes he does. Is the Devil in hell? Yes he is. I tried to think of a pithy statement to reflect this - "Some people are in hell because of the love of God". But this statement implies that people are in hell bucause God put them there, but that is not the case. Yet, the phrase "Some people are in hell despite the love of God" also is not quite correct because it is the love of God that allows them the freedom to choose hell. The love of God permits hell but doesn't mandate it.

This becomes even more complex if we assume that God, in his love, doesn't want people in hell. Does this mean that the presence of people in hell is somehow contrary to his will? Does this mean that there is indeed a limit [even self-imposed] upon God?

Questions, but no answers.


Blogger Amy Howe said...

God and the devil are and where lovers. The two where opposites but the same in many ways and are.
they are not crazy spirits that live in the sky and the center of the earth, they are beings... human beings without knowledge of who they are. They don't have special powers, God did not create the world, god gave love, and the devil gave opposing force, a challenge for god, because god loves the mind to be challenged. Two intellectual creatures, neither can resist eachother. Any questions or anything I love talking about this

8:06 PM  
Blogger Pastor Will said...

I think this: When Lucifer made his choice to take God's place (Attempt I should say) He left Gods love, never to be able to return to it, Being that God didnt give any time for Satan to repent means there is no repentence in satan.....they are in a timeless state, Satan's choice was FOREVER I dont believe Satan is in any good graces, any good thoughts and that there is no love for him anylonger based on his choices....I belive God wanted him to do well....but a free will was given....his choice is over....Satan doesnt have the ability to change. Also, why did God make him knowing Lucifer would rebell? Answer: Had God changed his mind then that would be Sin telling God what to do, God made a free will agent in good will, the thinking that says "why did God make him knowing he would rebell" has in it the idea that God has fear about it.....he also has the idea in it that he made a mistake....he didnt, God is not co-dependent.....he knows the choices people make, the whole time thinking good Jer.29:11, we know he loves us because look what Jesus did.....God has already forgiven mankind......mankind only misses it when Jesus is rejected......everyone in Hell (except the devil and fallen angels) had there sin paid for....they were attoned for....they just didnt except it.....sad.

6:49 AM  

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