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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thoughts on Friday's Gospel

MK 10:1-12

Jesus is tested by the Pharisees regarding the possibility of divorce and stresses the importance of marriage from the beginning of creation. In fact, one could even call marriage the first sacrament. In marriage, the Father offers a symbol of his own relationship with his children - a covenental relationship in which God and humanity are joined, become one without losing any distinctiveness.

Sometimes this image can seem overwhelming for the married couples, who can make their life as perfect as the life of God? Therefore, it is important to see the image as a goal to which the couple strives from now and throughout eternity in the same way that the perfection of the Son is a goal for all Christians. None of us is perfect now and it is unlikely that we will attain the perfect humanity of Christ soon. Yet, what is possible is our ability to strive to live each day a bit more in conformity with that ideal. In the same way that a single drop of water may not have much of an effect on a stone, but a continual series of drops over a long time will eventually erode the stone away - so is the effect of grace upon the hardness of our hearts.


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