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Monday, May 16, 2005

Thoughts on Tuesday's Gospel

MK 9:30-37

In the post-Pentecost period, we are called to open our eyes more fully to the work of the Trinity in our lives. As Jesus says in today's Gospel, whoever receives a child in Jesus' name receives Jesus and whoever receives Jesus receives the Father who sent him. Since the Father and the Son never act without the Spirit, in receiving the child, one receives the Trinity.

Christ came to reveal the Father and to offer to us the gift of the Spirit. The Trinity has been made known, what will be our response? Will we argue among ourselves who is the greatest or will we seek to model ourselves after Jesus who humbled himself unto death and after the Spirit who seeks to remain hidden while working God's will in the world?

Today's Gospel also recalls Christ's suffering and death to remind us that as we go out into the world to evangelize, to bring the Trinity to others we too will face persecution and opposition for "the servant is not greater than the Master". Yet, if we follow the master unto death, we will rise with him and if we follow the Master in humility, we will be glorified with him.


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