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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Looking for a job?

The British government placed a "want ad" in several newspapers looking for a new ambassador to the Vatican.

Vatican officials asked that the new ambassador,"be interested in the issues that are important to the Holy See; that's a plus" and that they "be keen on meeting and talking with Vatican officials." So, make sure that you have a high degree of keenness before you think about applying. I'm guessing that wanting to help the British government would also be useful.

One more thing, and I love this part, according to the advertisement - "As Ambassador, you will act on instructions from the UK Government, report on the Holy See's response, advance HMG's overseas priorities, and represent the UK at official functions and ceremonial events (including religious ceremonies). [emphasis mine]

Seeing these statements both from the Vatican officials and from the British government, I can only gather that politics is just another way of stating the obvious.

Unfortunately, the deadline for applications as past. But, it's a career choice to think about if you are interested in politics, spirituality and getting the best seats at Mass.


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