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Friday, September 02, 2005

On the Hurricane - Part II

After listening to today's Vatican 105 show I felt better as to their concern with the aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina. I still think that they should have addressed the hurricane sooner and hope that they will devote additional attention to it, but I certainly have no objections with today's episode.

I also want to comment on the violence and anarchy present within New Orleans. Several have spoken of the failure of the federal and state governments to bring peace and stability to the area and perhaps there is indeed more work that they can do, but I also think that the instability and chaos speaks to the failure of religious leaders, our failure as Christians to better inculcate a Christian moral ethic. This Sunday's readings speak to our responsibility to our neighbor and part of our responsibility as a Christian people is to be examples to others, to love one another so that others will love one another as well.

Churches will be at the forefront of the relief and rebuilding efforts and I think that rebuilding will mean not just buildings but also a moral foundation that seems to have been washed away as well.


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