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Friday, August 26, 2005

Opening Weekend

Today was a very busy day with student registration, Mass for the freshmen, and generally getting introduced to all sorts of new people that I'm not likely to remember thanks to a generally poor memory. Classes haven't even started yet and I'm exhausted.

Still, it's good to be back amidst the academic community - complaining about common dislikes but resting on a foundation that we all truly love what we do.

The Bishop gave a good homily at the Mass, speaking both of the need to grow in faith as well as grow in learning. I think that the image of the doves and serpents is good. We should all be as gentle as doves, preaching the love of God but we also need to be wise as serpents because there are some things in the world that need to be confronted and we need to strive for the wisdom to confront falsehood with truth. However, as the bishop mentioned - learning the truth does not come easy and we never know everything.


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