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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Fruits of the Jesuit Education

In another sign that having a Jesuit education no longer counts for what it used to, I offer a recent editorial from the Loyola Chicago newspaper, the Phoenix, encouraging University to permit the distribution of condoms to students.

Loyola is irresponsible in its stance on sexual education. For the school to turn a blind eye to the reality of college students having sex is ridiculous. The doctrine that Jesuit universities across the country follow is archaic, an outdated text from the fifth century (St. Augustine, in fact) that needs to be updated.

Ah, the old "it's outdated" argument - because condom use was a real problem in St. Augustine's time. Perhaps, Loyola should break down and help its students afford some more recent texts like Humanae Vitae for example. And stop turning a blind eye to college students having sex, perhaps some disciplinary action is in order.

We're not asking Loyola to take on the Catholic Church to fight this issue specifically.

Translation - we have a whole host of issues that we would like Loyola to fight the Catholic Church on.

What we are asking for is a little understanding from the administration that is supposed to be looking out for the best interests and well-being of the students at Loyola.

Because ensuring that the students get free condoms is looking out for their best interests? Funny, I thought it would be looking out for their moral condition.

Safe sex is just as important to Loyola students as smaller class sizes, new buildings and the next wave of unsuccessful meal plans.

Nice to know we have our priorities in order

There are many non-Catholic students on campus and on the Phoenix staff. To impose the beliefs of one school of thought onto the beliefs and needs of the rest of the student population neglects to recognize the diversity of the student body.

Translation - after all, just because you come to a Catholic university you shouldn't expect to have to learn all that Catholic stuff. Don't impose your beliefs on us, man, we need our condoms! We didn't come to Loyola to learn, we came for the extra-curricular activities.

Loyola needs to come to terms with the truth: students at Loyola have sex. Many have safe sex, but some have unprotected sex. This is a very real issue for the students, and all they need are the resources to take the proper steps in having safe sex.

Translation - if the university doesn't give me a condom, it's far to difficult to actually go out and buy one. I can't afford them on my private school tuition.

While Loyola and the Wellness Center may preach abstinence, supporting that one ideal as the only possibility for students is impractical and irrisponsible [sic].

Translation - We can't control ourselves!

Diane Asaro, head of the Wellness Center said, "The current position of the Wellness Center is that Loyola is a Catholic university and [they] abide by Catholic teachings."

I'm happy that the University is still striving to hold back the culture of death in at least one area.

This stance is putting Loyola students in more danger than they would be with proper sex education and proper contraceptives. Loyola is a Jesuit university, not a Puritan one.

Because Jesuit is the opposite of Puritan, obviously.

Is this the best that the Phoenix can produce with the benefits of their Jesuit education? An editorial espousing the urgent need for free condoms? I really think that they should ask for their money back - at least from the philosophy and theology departments.


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