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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Increased security at the Vatican Synod

The Vatican decided on Wednesday to limit information given to reporters about the discussions among Roman Catholic bishops attending a synod after extensive media coverage of some controversial debates.

Priests who are briefing journalists said that from now on they would only disclose the theme of what a bishop said during the daily open discussion part of the gathering but no details.

The decision was taken on Wednesday morning "in order to allow the bishops to speak more freely," one of the priest briefers said when pressed by reporters about the change. [source]

Apparently, all of the press coverage regarding the discussions over giving Eucharist to pro-choice politicians and married clergy has the Synod worried that the discussions will be affected negatively. The press will continue to be given excerpts of formal speeches.

While I can understand a fear that the discussions might become negatively affected by fears of how words might be presented in the media - see my post on the Times reporting goofs below - I also think that the media reports of the discussions present an important side to a Church seen too often to be monolithic in its perspective.


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