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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Has the Nobel Peace Prize lost its relevance?

It is getting time to select the Nobel Peace Prize again, interestingly enough - the name of Pope John Paul II is mentioned as a possible choice even though he is deceased. I am doubtful, not that I don't think he doesn't deserve it - he certainly deserved it many times before.

However, the Nobel Peace Prize is no longer about peace, it is about agendas and who can best serve as spokesperson for the agendas of a few bitter individuals who make the decision and who couldn't stand the pope. So why pay any attention to it anymore - it has become entirely irrelevent.

I think the only reason we pay any attention to it at all is because of the shroud of secrecy, sort of like an Oscar competition for politicians. Take away the sound and the fury and you are left with nothing.

I wonder what went in the heads of those Nobel committee members during the funeral of the late Holy Father. Did they see that they have been passed over? That they had a chance to make the right decision, but failed? Did they regret it at all? or were they filled with the same rage at a Pope who refused to sacrifice his principles and the principles of life for the sake of a cheap award?


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