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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You too can be a monk or a nun!

Heery Casting is conducting a nationwide search for six men to live in a monastery for six months and six women to live in a convent for the same period of time "to conduct their own search for meaning". You need not have any religious convictions, but must be "willing to engage in the process". The casting is for a show to appear on the Learning Channel. If you are interested, you can get an application from the casting agency.

The site doesn't mention what the applicants can expect - perhaps hair shirts and the discipline. Here is the full description from the web site:

The Learning Channel will be making a series of documentaries about monastic life, which will be filmed from November 2005 – February 2006.

We are looking for five men and five women to spend six weeks living in a monastery with a religious community—the men to live with a community of monks and the women with a community of nuns.

Guided by the Abbot or Abbess, the participants will experience a truly spiritual approach to life. Removed from the world, they will be encouraged to reflect on the lives they are leading, and conduct their own personal search for meaning and understanding.

Participants will come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. They DO NOT necessarily need to be religious, although they should genuinely be interested and open to the idea. They need to be willing to be cut off from the outside world for six weeks.

The men will film in November and December, the women in January and February.

There will be some financial compensation.

Please be sure to include 2-3 casual photos of yourself.
Please click here to download the Application form.


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