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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dead Souls - or how to be exploited when you're poor

An art exhibit in New York and Florida is now displaying bodies in various positions and showing various anatomical organs to those who wish to pay the required fee. All of the bodies have been treated with chemicals so that they won't de-compose [can't be losing our investment, can we?]

The most telling line of the article was: The cadavers were poor people and are on loan from the Dalian Medical University in China.

Ah, since they were poor, it must be okay.

[For those who aren't familiar with the allusion in the title, it refers to a 19th century novel written by Nikolai Gogol in which a greedy businessmen was seeking to by ownership of dead serfs [slaves] in order to artificially present himself as a wealthy individual. ]


Anonymous Br. Gregory Plow, T.O.R. said...

Fr. Seraphim: I saw something else that has been in the news lately that I think you should comment on in your blog. There is new research out there that is able to detect down syndrome in the first trimester. The media (the Washington Post from last week, I think) is hyping it up as a wonderful opportunity to give women more 'options' and is being dubbed as something which can contribute to women's
overall 'health' when in helping them decide something that is so traumatic for them. My question is did anyone ever think about the overall health and traumatic event it is for a baby in utero to be killed?

9:29 AM  

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