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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hungarian Gulash and Sweet Potatoes

Today was my turn to cook. Now cooking for a house of twelve can be quite a chore as most recipies are written for groups of four or five. Cooking gives me a chance to experiment with different styles, sometimes it works out as it did tonight, sometimes it doesn't. Still, if you don't try, you don't learn.

I also had my class on the Sacrament of Marriage. We are currently looking specifically at the theology of marriage both for Catholics as well as for other Christians. It is interesting to look at the history as well as how different groups deal with the problem of difficult marriages and reconcile that with the ideal of indissoluability. Our teacher is a canon lawyer and is generally supportive of a change in contemporary marriage practice so as to allow those who have divorced and remarried to be fully accepted back into communion. How that can be best accomplished is an issue to be discussed later in the semester. The class requires that I work on a pastoral project involving marriage. I am looking at setting up a structure for enabling families to participate in a home-based retreat. I have heard some of my married friends wish that they could participate in some of the same type of retreats that they did when they were single, but their responsibilities to their families don't leave them the time or ability to spend a weekend alone in meditation. I am trying to figure out a way to help them meet their spiritual needs better. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

This evening Brs. Nathan, Timothy and I went out to a local Scottish pub that has Scotch tasting every thursday night. It gives me an opportunity to taste 25 to 30 year old Scotch without breaking my bank. I had a 25 year old MacClellan this evening, nice and smooth. It also gives us a time to socialize with each other outside of the friary. Even within community, you need to form some bonds of friendship with other friars and naturally you will find that you hit it off better with some than with others. Plus, we are in a similar state of affairs, so we can share gripes together. Miserly loves company and all that. Some may think that life in a friary is all prayer and happy living. Believe me, it is like living with a very large family. You love them, but they still can drive you crazy.

Peace and Good


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