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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another reason why the Catholic Church should stop supporting the UN

In another sign of the approaching apocalypse, some relief workers are expressing "grave reservations" because a "devout Catholic" might be appointed to head the new UN High Commission for Refugees.

For those who may think that anti-Catholicism is a canard, you only need hear some of the quotes in this article to see differently. For example:

"Relief workers fear that [Antonio] Guterres would use his authority to spread Catholicism among vulnerable refugees and internally displaced persons."


"Now we are going to have Guterres in UNHCR to look after Catholic interests. But we have no one to look after the interests of the poor, the children, and refugees."

When did we come to the point that being Catholic meant being not interested in the poor, the children, and refugees?

It seems to me that UN support for abortion and for policies that are diametrically opposed to the values of the Catholic Church argues not for futher ties to the UN but for a complete separation from this organization. I am all for greater collaboration of peoples, but not when that collaboration is built on falsehood.

Moreover, since the Catholic Church is the single largest aid organization in the world, perhaps the United Nations should think a bit more on who is really helping the poor.


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