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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Catholic League hacked!!!

The website of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has been hacked - apparently by some Moroccan hacker wishing to voice his support for Palestine and animosity to Bush and Sharon [Certain parts of his web hack have been censored by me in yellow].

I don't know why he would choose the Catholic League as a site to hack, since I have never found anything on that site that would mark it as either pro-Israeli or anti-Palestinian. In fact, the site seems to pretty much limit itself to events in the United States. I don't find the site is even very pro-Bush. It did demonstrate an animosity to John Kerry, but that was because of his pro-choice policies.

Perhaps it is an indication that for some in the Islamic world, Catholic and American are synonomous. Still, then I would have expected something anti-Catholic in the hack and there wasn't any of that.

In any event, I doubt this hacker won much support for his cause with this hack and only succeeded in alienating many Catholics from supporting a cause that does need more attention - especially the plight of the Palestinian Christians.
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