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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Turning to the dark side

Today my goddaughter and niece celebrated her first communion. I wore my habit to the Mass and of course attracted more attention than all the young girls in their first communion dresses and young men in their new suits and clip-on ties. The Mass was at the parish in which I grew up and so brought back some memories both good and bad. Yet, since they produced at least one vocation - the Spirit must be working there.

After the Mass, there was a reception at my brother's house and one of my little nephews, seeing me in my black habit, kept asking if I was from Star Wars. So, you can just add Darth Seraphim to my long list of titles.

The first communion Mass went well and my niece looked very nice in her communion dress, though she wanted to get out of it as soon as possible after the service. Personally, I think that all Catholics should start receiving communion immediately after baptism, but the choice isn't up to me. The Eucharist should be a sign of our belonging to the Church, not some kind of reward for "understanding" their faith. None of us is ever going to fully understand the faith - especially the Trinity, so why make it a requirement?


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