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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fr. Robert F. Drinan, SJ's dictionary not quite up to snuff

The Kansas City Georgetown Club has invited Father Robert Drinan, SJ to teach a class on "legal ethics". I find it kind of funny that a Jesuit priest who has no problem supporting abortion and disobeying both his Jesuit superiors and the Pope is going to speak about ethics, but maybe they understand the meaning of that word differently at schools "in the Jesuit tradition"

In an article in a phone interview with the Kansas City Star, Drinan states that "I'm pretty depressed by the pope" because "He's been repressive and curbed the careers of hundreds of theologians". Let's see, by "hundreds" he must mean less than 12. And by repressed, he must mean "still have teaching positions and continue to publish".

He says that the Catholic Church is a religion of love which means supporting President Clinton when he vetoed the partial birth abortion bill and writing a defense of Roe v Wade.

Interestingly, he notes that his three nieces were brought up Catholic, but no longer practicing because, "The new pope has the bug that it's all relativism and all of them (young people who don't go to church) are evil." This must mean that obedience to the successor of Peter means to slander him and make false accusations against him.

Still, the good father is willing to "give him 100 days and see what happens." How kind of him.

My advice is for everyone to avoid Fr. Drinan's lexicon which seems to present falsehood as truth and hatred as love. And my advice for Fr. Drinan is not to "Be liberal" as he suggests, but rather "Be faithful." That seemed to attract millions of young people to see John Paul II. How many will be coming to see him?


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