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Friday, May 13, 2005

Pope Benedict and the Society of St. Pius X

AP Wire | 05/12/2005 | Traditionalist Catholic priestly society well acquainted with new pope

Pope Benedict XVI has not ingratiated himself with the traditionalists of the Society of St. Pius X by telling them that the documents of Vatican II "are magisterial and enjoy the highest doctrinal authority".

Pope defends Vatican II, now there is a headline you are not likely to see. I think it just goes to show further that the prejudices against Pope Benedict XVI even to the point of one Italian publication releasing an editorial cartoon of the new pope in a Nazi uniform show a manifest failure to really learn about the man.

Does his refusal to support the Society of St. Pius X make him a liberal? Does his tour of duty with the CDF make him a conservative? Perhaps he is simply trying to be faithful.


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