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Friday, May 27, 2005

Musings of the first week of the Diaconate

Well, a lot has happened to me this first week. I have diaconated [is that a word?] at several daily Masses but have not preached yet. I will be at all of the weekend Masses, but still no preaching. My first words of wisdom come Monday night, my first preached Mass will be on Tuesday.

I have come to the conclusion that liturgical vestments are designed by sadists. I did benediction tonight and had to wear an alb, stole, and cope all on top of my habit. I knew that I would have to offer sweat and tears to the Lord, I just didn't think that he would ask for all of it in one night.

Today the parish kindergarten had its graduation and the kids all did their songs and skits before adoring parents. I wonder how it would be if high school and college students had to put on a show and sing songs before their graduation...

All in all things are going well, I'm learning a lot really quickly but I think that is good - after all, I will be doing much of this for the rest of my life. St. Stephen pray for this deacon.


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