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Monday, June 06, 2005

Homily on Tuesday's Gospel

MT 5:13-16

Jesus tells the faithful that they are the "Salt of the World". Salt has a variety of uses, but two of the most known are as a spice and a preservative. Is your food too bland, add salt. Do you want to keep meat edible without refrigeration, use salt. The Church is also called to be both a spice and a preservative. As a spice, the Church is called to inspire the faithful, to ensure that the faith does not become bland and stale, to be open especially to the voice of the Spirit. Thus, the Church is always producing new saints and holy men and women calling us into greater holiness and pointing to the work of God in our world today. The Church needs prophets in order to keep from become static, of losing its ability to speak to the contemporary world around us.

Salt is also a preservative and just as the Church must express itself in ever new situations it must also remain faithful to its traditions. It must preserve the faith that has been passed down from the apostles. If you look around today you can find many people claiming to have the inside track on the faith and their are many different religions out there. We need the Church to exercise discernment, to help the people of God to decide whether a spiritual message is worthy of belief. Without the preservative quality of the Church, we would fall into chaos.

You are the Salt of the World and are called to "go out into the deep" in your faith, to constantly discover anew your relationship with God in the Spirit while at the same time staying rooted in the the teachings of Christ present in Scripture and Holy Tradition. If we do this, our Salt will keep its flavor as we show ourselves to be both solid and excited in our faith.


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