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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thoughts on Saturday's Gospel

LK 2:41-51

Was Jesus a problem child? In today's Gospel, after Mary expresses her justified anxiety and perhaps even anger at having spent three days looking for Jesus - Luke makes a point of writing that Jesus returned home and was obedient. I think a belief in the perfection and goodness of Jesus makes us think that during his childhood he always knew exactly what his parents wanted and always did what he was told. But, perhaps it is possible to still believe in Jesus' sinlessness and still think that it was not as easy as that for Mary. For example, compare this with the Gospel passage in which Mary tries to get Jesus to come home which Jesus uses as an opportunity to tell us that those who do the Father's will are his mother, brother and sister. Or think about how we also believe that God is sinless, but that doesn't keep us from getting angry at him every once in a while.

I guess I want to think that Jesus had a pretty normal childhood that included trying to stay out playing with friends even though his mother called him home, being comforted by Mary and Joseph after he had a fall.

A parent's love is particularly shown in it's perseverence especially during the difficult times when a child is screaming at the restaurant, making too much noise in Church, when the parent wonders whether they are doing a good job being a parent. I can't help but believe that Mary and Joseph had this love for Jesus.


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