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Friday, June 03, 2005

Pope Staff Curly Fry

Pope Staff Curly Fry

Yet another bizarre "food item" with Catholic imagery has appeared on eBay. I find it very telling that these odd auctions are so linked with Catholic symbolism - perhaps it demonstrates that while the Catholic Church has been taking its lumps the past couple of years, the spirituality continues to remain a strong influence in our society.

I also am intrigued that the items are related to food and nourishment again as if there were a natural connection between what we need for our bodies and what we need for our souls - especially in light of the recent celebration of Corpus Christi.

So, one might ask - what is more of the miracle: the pope's staff appearing in a curly fry or the face of Mary appearing on a piece of toast or...the very body and blood becoming present in the Eucharist? Of course, in order to obtain the Eucharist, you have to be willing to give your whole life and heart.


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