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Friday, September 16, 2005

The death of a blogger and a seminarian

Matty Molnar, a seminarian at Mundelein in Illinois and blogger first at Holy Rants and Ravings and then at JPthe2nd's Xanga Site died in a car accident on Wednesday night after the car he was in swerved to miss a deer. He was to be ordained in 2008. A second seminarian in the accident is in critical condition and two others are in stable condition.

Some words from his final blog - "We must continue the mission. no - the mission continues, and we stay in the Church and she continues the mission with us." I think that these are words that he would like for us to keep in mind as we grieve his loss.

Please pray for his family and friends. Please pray for his classmates at Mundelein.


Anonymous Mary said...

I didn't know Matty well, but I know one of his best friends - and the driver of the car of the fatal crash. I have been moved to read Matty's blog - as well as comments from many others. I am the Music Dr. in a Catholic Church that is now sponsoring Rob (the driver) until the trial is over. The overwhelming sense of community, forgiveness and love - really shows what the power of faith can do. Good luck to you and all you do.

2:28 PM  

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