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Friday, November 18, 2005

I guess I'm a Yankee

According to the test "Yankee or Rebel", I'm about 50% Yankee. Which makes sense, I'm from Missouri [one of those states that couldn't decide which side they were on in the Civil War (as it is known by us Yankee types)]

The test is based on word usage and pronunciation - for example: is it soda, coke or pop? So it also provides interesting information on the geographical use of language in the US.


Anonymous Br. Gregory Plow, T.O.R. said...

I came out 63% (Dixie). Just under the Mason-Dixon Line.
Just thought ya'll might like to know. But I was suprised that I had a good number of responses from the northeast area. I guess that's the influence of my mother (who's from NY) and growing up in a southern town (Chapel Hill) that has a whole bunch of Northern Transplants.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous shana sfo said...

I came out 50% Yankee, too. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA but have lived in Rochester,NY; Lowell, MA & now live in Weirton, WV. I tend to be more of a mimic - quickly taking on the sounds of the people I am around without realizing I'm doing it, so I quickly adapt to where ever I live. I would have been a real Yankee had I still been living in MA! Since the part of WV in which we live is not in the south, I've resumed my tendency to use Pittsburghese. "Would yunz finish up them sammiches and red-up da hause? I gotta go aught and cut down dem jagger bushes before someone gets hurt."

2:10 PM  
Anonymous George Redgrave said...

Fascinated by this (I came upon your blogsite by chance) I tested myself and came out 47% Yankee. As I was born about half a mile from the zero degree longitude line in Greenwich and have lived all my life in South East England, I'll have to admit to watching too many American films in my youth!

6:55 PM  

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