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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Je confesser!

I have been tagged by Lauren over at Cnytr and so here go my deepest, darkest secrets.

I confess that the whole meme thing has me both eager to get tagged and dreading thinking of creative responses.

I confess that I am a big fan of cartoons including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Tick, and Mojo Jojo.

I confess that I look pretty good wearing a cowboy hat.

I confess as a child filling an entire suitcase with fresh walnuts, placing the suitcase in a closet and then forgetting about it - until my parents found it several weeks later.

I confess that my favorite scriptural passage is Psalm 127 (126) - "In vain is your earlier rising", though I do enjoy going later to bed.

I confess to being a grenade thrower. I like starting a conflict and then standing back to watch what happens.

I confess to using wit to hide insecurity.

I confess to having a semi-secret desire to partake of the strongest alcohols from around the world - I've had grappa, vodka, bourbon, slivovice, scotch and whisky. I think tasting poitin will be the most difficult.

I confess that if I wasn't allergic to tobacco, I would probably smoke a pipe.

I confess to dressing up as Grover Cleveland one Halloween.

I confess to having been a vegetarian for a couple years until I had to give it up as a Franciscan.

I confess to wanting to try out wearing a jazz spot or mutton chops.

I confess to buying books just so that they will look good in my office.

I confess to once freely chosing to wear an "I'm stupid" t-shirt to go along with my brother's "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.

I confess to enjoying all the great Funksters from Isaac Hayes to George Clinton.

I confess to having played Dungeons and Dragons in my youth. I always liked the gnomes.

Bonus: I confess that in college I once went on an ROTC weekend in the hopes of getting free camos. During the weekend I was outfitted with a M-16 will blanks and had to defend a post against a trained enemy. As I fired my weapon, the hot shells kept hitting a friend of mine in the face. All in all, I was a lousy soldier and I never did get the camos.

Extra-bonus: I confess to buying a whole box of Chick booklets and periodically hiding them under my Atheist roommate's pillow.

Now, I will continue the madness and tag Dev Thakur, Jack Bennett, and Jennifer if they haven't been tagged already.


Anonymous shana sfo said...

This meme confession thing has me confused. Now, does this mean your readers need to absolve you?

Can we get excommunicated from the site if we pass this info along to others by cutting and pasting, or are we under obligation under pain of moral sin to link instead?

8:54 PM  
Anonymous shana sfo said...

Moral sin....? A mere slip of the keyboard? or something worse?

Has possibilities, I think.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR said...

Meme's accomplish several things - they reveal information about an individual that might not already be known or likely to be blogged about and they help advertise other podcasts by "tagging" other individuals. There is something a bit egotistical about blogging - we like to talk about ourselves and we like others to talk about us as well.

9:37 PM  

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