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Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday Musings

Fridays are free from class and so usually occupied with homework . I also spent some time today working on a project for Eastern Christian Publications - where I am doing my ministry this year. The progject is essentially editing a Lectionary for future publication. I am hoping that by working with this publisher that I will get the opportunity to meet other people involved in the East/West ecumenical endeavor, and I am learning how to use Corel Ventura.

We have also found ourselves overrun with nuns. There is a be Eucharistic Congress down here in DC this weekend and we have opened our doors to about eleven sisters who are attending. As I see all these nuns, I have to remind myself that I am in the right house. Our friary used to be a convent, perhaps they are coming to take it back.

We two other guests also staying with us. They are a doctor and a nun from South Africa. The work with Africans suffering from Aids and have come to the United States seeking support for their endeavors. Aids in Africa is a terrible tragedy, especially for the children who will only live five to seven years after contracting it. Many children suffer from Aids from birth.

One of the house computers has become infected with the W32BeagleX virus. It's a nasty one, fortunately my computer is separate and has strong anti-virus protection.

After going out last night, I'm staying home this evening. I wonder what's on TV?



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