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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Saturday musings

Well, I'm just fiddling with the computer as I stay up late in anticipation of an extra hour of sleep and thought I'd drop a note about current events.

Today we finished a Day of Recollection. These take place in our house once a month and usually last from Friday through Saturday. A Day of Recollection involves prayer and meditation about different topics. Br. Dominic spoke for this one on the subject of minority and humility. I have to deliver one in December on the subject of prayer. These times are designed to help us arrive at a point of peace during our hectic lives, but sometimes it is difficult when you know you have a mid-term due on Monday and a couple of other papers coming up. In the words of Frank Costanza of Seinfeld - "Serenity now!"

I have discovered some nifty new things for my computer. I am still quite a bit of the "newbie" at all this but I must say that there is a whole lot of interesting stuff out there - and a whole lot of scary stuff as well. Anyway, besides this nice blogging tool I also enjoy my Firefox web browser with nice plugins for the weather and getting up to date news feeds. One day I hope to really blog with controversial opinions and all that, but I have found that there is already a whole lot of that going on out there and perhaps I should refrain from raising the noise level.

I also have a tool that allows me to post web information as I find it on this blog. I'll have to try it when I find something fitting.

Halloween is officially celebrated tomorrow. We bought candy, but don't expect any trick or treaters. This is generally quite acceptable to us, because it means that then we get to eat all of the candy.

Peace and good


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