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I am a Third Order Franciscan of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Start of another week

Spent the weekend mowing the lawn [about an hour and a half] and doing homework. We celebrated Gregory's birthday today. He had alfredo pasta with shrimp and scallops. I did not partake of this after having discovered a possible food allergy to shell fish a couple of years ago. So, I got to eat quiche. I remember a book about real men and quiche a couple of years back, but I can't remember if it had anything to say about Franciscans.

Tomorrow we are having pictures taken for Franciscan promotional literature. We are also supposed to say something about ourselves for inclusion in various pamphlets. I think I will say something along the lines of - "My name is Br. Seraphim Beshoner. I'm a virgo and I like French films and long walks along the beach. My turn-ons are religious imagery and fig newtons. Seeking someone for spiritually fulfilling relationship. No pets." What do you think?


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