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Monday, September 27, 2004

Another Manic Monday [with apologies to the Bangles]

Mondays are my longest days. I start with my class on the Sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick and Penance at 8:30 and finish with a class on the history of Christian spirituality at 5:00, with just enough time to rush home for prayer and dinner. Br. Timothy volunteered to lead our mock celebration of a service for the sick, so I was annointed twice on Sunday night and three times today - twice with an emergency service for those in danger of death. I guess if I'm not healed by now, I never will be. In any case, after all that anointing with the oil of the sick, my forehead is very shiny, but it smells nice.

The class on spirituality is about average, I already know a lot of what is being covered right now - though the last couple weeks should cover some new material. Right now we are reading the desert fathers and mothers. Basically, we read some material and then write a two page reflection on how we think that the spiritual texts compare with our own spirituality.

I'm also working on the next month's cooking list for the house. As senior brother [except for Dominic who will be moving out in November], I have been given all sorts of new responsibilities including being in charge of the shopping and figuring out schedules. I haven't found any benefits of my senior brother status, yet. I have tried to impose my iron will upon the others without success. Apparently, this vow of obedience is not quite as advantageous as I had hoped.



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