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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Return to peace and quiet

All of our many guests left today, so a brief return to tranquility before heading back to classes tomorrow. As has been my habit the last couple of weeks, on Sunday I attend liturgy at a local Byzantine Catholic Church. There are only about fifteen to twenty who attend, but the worship space is pretty small, so it seems crowded anyway. The regular cantor is recovering from back surgery, so I get to practice my chanting skills with one of the novices of the Byzantine community and one of the lay members. I call ourselves the Byzantine tenors and we will try to have a CD come out just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Sunday is also the day for making sure I have caught up on all the homework before Monday's classes. Our class devoted to the Sacraments of Healing and Penance meets tomorrow and Br. Timothy will be portraying a pastor in a mock healing service. I get to play a sick person, so I am practicing my cough. Hack. Hack.

Peace and Good


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