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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Priesthood of the Faithful

One thing I didn't make clear in my post yesterday was the great deal I owe to all my friends and family in helping me to live out my vocation. As I look back on my many years, I realize how much the wisdom of God has been made manifest in those whom I have encountered, especially in those with whom God has given me a special grace to come to know. Some have drifted out of my immediate circle, some remain and some are still to be encountered but each has ministered to me and helped to provide me with the tools to minister to others. So, in a sense, the priesthood that I will reflect is a reflection of the priesthood that has been offered to me.

One of the big dangers that is set forth before priesthood candidates is that of clericalism of falling into the illusion that I alone am minister and that I don't need to be ministered to. It seems to me that as long as I have real friendships and true love for family that I will be unable to error in terms of my true self-identity. My friends and family won't let me - for they will be my support in times of struggle and help to knock me down a peg if I forget my own foibles. These things are all necessary so that I might continually see myself as a weak human being who remains infinitely graced and loved by God.


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