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Monday, January 24, 2005

2005 Right to Life March

Today was the big Right to Life march here in DC. There were lots of people from all over, despite the bitterly cold weather and the fears of frostbite in the toes - especially when the line wasn't moving for quite some time.

These marches are quite the experience as they serve as time for prayer, conversation, meeting new and old friends, and chanting phrases like "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Roe v Wade has got to go!" Sometimes there can be logistical problems such as when two groups praying the Rosary encounter each other and lose track of which group they are supposed to be praying with. Unfortunately, the march also tends to attract some more disturbing elements such as the people who like to display graphic photos or turn the march into a Catholic vs Protestant event. I am also uncomfortable with the tendency of many speakers to present George Bush as "the pro-life" president. While he may be supportive of the anti-abortion movement, he is also in support of the death penalty and his economic policies, I believe, contribute to the poverty that often pressures women to seek abortions.

I have posted some pictures and a brief movie taken at the march that are available here.

Today I also began some Russian refresher courses at the Russian Cultural Center here in DC. It has been about seven years since I last was able to do much in the language and the brothers I live with don't know much Russian beyond vodka and Gorbachev. Since the classes are an hour long and entirely in Russian, I think that I will find them very helpful.


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