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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Better late than never

Has it really been over ten days since I last posted anything? I really need to get better about this. Things have been really busy here at the Friary as I just finished the second week of classes. We got five inches of snow as you can see in the picture above. With the annual March for Life on Monday, the house is getting crowded with lots of guests staying over for all the activities.

Classes are going as well as can be expected. Two of them are going better than expected, two of them are going worse than expected. I guess that means that it is all balancing out. My room refuses to remain at a consistent temperature. The heater knows only very hot and off which means that the room gets cold, I turn on the heater, the room gets hot I turn the heater off again, repeat. This is especially a problem when I am trying to sleep as I only get about four hours before the room goes from too hot to too cold. Oh well, I guess this is the life of a friar.

I have attached a link to an odd site that offers to bless your computer files, projects, and other information called Digibless. Isn't it something when faith and science get together?


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