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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kansan claims he is Catholics' true pope

Wichita Eagle | 05/28/2005 | Kansan claims he is Catholics' true pope

I am always intriqued by the number of contemporary anti-Popes. I don't really understand the appeal, it can't be power since none of these anti-popes have much in the way of followers.

Perhaps it is the location - maybe there is something about the Midwest that promotes religious creativity. After all, look at the wide variety of religious beliefs popping up around Kansas City - RLDS and Unity Village just to name a few.

This situation involving David Bowden is particularly sad. He believes he is the true pope, yet cannot celebrate Mass because he has not been ordained a priest. Asside from the historical objections that demonstrate that anyone chosen to be pope was to be immediately ordained to the priesthood - how could the Catholic Church possible exist without the Eucharist?

I mean, the Church is seen as being established through Christ's celebration of the Last Supper and so is pre-eminently Eucharistic.

As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ this weekend, it's articles like this that reinforce the great joy and wonder that I have in the blessing of Christ who offers himself to me and who humbled himself that I might live.


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