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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Being a companion

Today is the feast of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr, Saint Paul Chong Hasang, martyr and companions. Here is a link to a brief article about them.

Of course, one of the very interesting things about the Catholic Church in Korea is that it was founded by lay people and survived through a period of intense persecution as a lay church - there were no priests available.

I always feel a little sad for the other Korean martyrs who get all bunched up in the category - "companions". While I know that God remembers there names and that it would take a long time to recite all 113 martyrs during the liturgy, still I feel bad leaving them out.

So, here is the list of all the martyrs that they might be remembered this day:

Agatha Chon Kyonghyob
Agatha Kim
Agatha Kwon Chini
Agatha Yi Kannan
Agatha Yi Kyong-i
Agatha Yi Sosa
Agatha Yi
Andrew Kim Taegon
Cecilia Yu
Jung Hye
Paul Chong Hasang
Agnes Kim Hyoju
Alex U Seyong
Andrew-Chong Kwagyong (catechist)
Anna Kim
Anna Pak A-gi
Anna Pak Agi
Anthony Daveluy (bishop)
Anthony Kim Son-Augustine Pak Chong-won
Augustine Yi Chin-gil
Augustine Yi Kwang-hon
Barbara Ch'oe Yong-i
Barbara Cho Chung-i
Barbara Han Agi
Barbara Kim
Barbara Ko Suni
Barbara Kwon Hui
Barbara Yi Chong-hui
Barbara Yi
Bartholomew Chong Munho
Benedicta Hyon Kyongnyon
Catherine Chong Ch'oryom
Catherine Yi
Charles Cho Shin-ch'ol
Charles Hyon Songmun
Columba Kim Hyo-im
Columba Kim
Damianus Nam Myong-hyog (catechist)
Damien Nam Myong-hyok
Elisabeth Chong Chong-hye (virgin)
Francis Ch'oe Hyong-hwan
Ignatius Kim Chejun (catechist)
Jacob Chastan (priest)
John Baptist Chong Chang-un (catechist)
John Baptist Nam Chongsam
John Baptist Yi Kwangnyol (catechist)
John Nam Chong-sam
John Pak
John Yi Kwong-hai
John Yi Munu
John Yi Yunil (catechist)
Joseph Chang Chugi (priest)
Joseph Chang Songjib
Joseph Cho Yunho
Joseph Im Ch'ibaeg
Joseph Peter Han Wonso (catechist)
Juliet Kim (virgin)
Justin de Bretenières (priest)
Lawrence Han Ihyong (catechist)
Lawrence Imbert (bishop)
Lucia Kim
Lucia Park Huisun
Ludovicus Beaulieu (priest)
Luke Hwang Soktu
Magalena Ho Kye-im
Magdalene Cho
Magdalene Han Yong-i
Magdalene Kim Obi
Magdalene Pak Pongson (widow)
Magdalene Son Sobyog
Magdalene Yi Yong-hui
Magdalene Yi Yongdog
Maria Park K'unagi
Maria Won Kwi-im (virgin)
Maria Yi Indog
Maria Yi Yonhui
Mark Chong Uibae (catechist)
Martha Kim
Martin Luke Huin (priest)
Mary Yi Yon-hui
Paul Ho
Paul Hong Yongju (catechist)
Perpetua Hong Kumju (widow)
Peter Aumaitre (priest)
Peter Ch'oe Ch'ang-hub (catechist)
Peter Ch'oe Hyong (catechist)
Peter Cho Kwaso
Peter Chong Wonji
Peter Henricus Dorie (priest)
Peter Hong Pyongju
Peter Kwon Tugin
Peter Maubant (priest MEP)
Peter Nam Kyongmun (catechist)
Peter Ryau
Peter Son Sonji (catechist)
Peter Y Taech'ol
Peter Yi Hoyong
Peter Yi Myongs
Peter Yu Chongyul (catechist)
Peter Yu Tae-Chol
Protasius Chong Kurbo
Rosa Kim (widow)
Sebastian Nam
Simon Berneux (bishop)
Stephen Min Kukka (catechist)
Susanna U Surim
Teresa Kim Imi
Teresa Kim
Teresa Yi Mae-im
Thomas Son Chason

Holy Martyrs of Korea, pray for us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Phim,

You are so culturally sensitive! I'm forever seeing new sides of you! Way to give the "companions" their due! Hope all is well in Steubenville. Peace of Christ,

Jonathan, TOR

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, how long did you have to do research to find all these names?!
Did you use spell check?
-Br. Gregory, TOR

8:37 PM  
Blogger Dev Thakur said...

What a beautiful sight, to see those names.

We may forget because of the sheer number, but each saint is a profoundly unique individual.

Thanks for posting this!

11:35 AM  

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