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Monday, November 22, 2004

Ordinations and Republicans

I spent this weekend up in Loretto attending the ordination of one brother to the priesthood and another to the diaconate. Naturally, I paid close attention to the ceremony as it looks like I will be ordained to the diaconate on May 21st of next year. The ceremony went well except for some confusion that resulted when we rehearsed with the old ritual but the bishop decided to use the new ritual for the first time without telling anyone. Still, the ordinations are licit and valid and that's what really matters.

Fr. Malachi also serves as a chaplain for the local volunteer fire department, so the pews were full of firefighters. After the ordination, Fr. Malachi was lifted high in the air by a fire truck so as to be better able to give everyone his priestly blessing. I was asked if I would be able to top all of the pomp and circumstance in my own ordination, but I doubt I could think of anything that might rival it.

I was also able to visit Saint Michael's, the elementary school at which I taught as a postulant and a novice long ago. Only a few students remember me from those times and much has changed. Still, it was good to be back. I had to laugh at a couple of things. At the end of the day, the students all closed with the Act of Contrition. I guess it is just expected that they did something that they should be sorry for that day. Also, the sixth and seventh graders were studying the American Revolution and made posters related to it. One poster had the phrases "No more taxes!" and "Let's go to war!" I joked with the principal that they were raising a bunch of little Republicans.

I miss it, but I guess time goes on.


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