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Monday, June 26, 2006

When "respecting religious freedom" means "Catholics, shut up!"

The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry is exercising their freedom of speech by telling the Catholic Church to stop exercising their freedom of speech. Apparently, for certain "leading religious denominations" religious freedom means not seeking to influence public policy. This, of course seems, somewhat hypocritical as this is precisely what the "Religious Coalition" seeks to do. Might I suggest that the "Religious Coalition" learn importance of diversity and the evils of religious bigotry.

Update: The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry has two Catholic priests among the signers of its declaration in support of "gay marriage" -

Rev. Dr. Richard Rasi - a Melkite priest
Fr. Robert E. Nee - a Roman Catholic Priest

Update 2:Rev. Dr. Richard Rasi passed away from cancer last year. May perpetual light shine upon him.


Blogger Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato, OSF said...

Well said, Brother! I've found it equally disconcerting that in our culture, ecumenical seems to mean "embracing religious diversity, unless you're Catholic". One ecumenical Franciscan group, with whom I have associated, seems to think everyone has a right to express their divergent thoughts, ideas, liturgical praxes and theologies -- unless it's from a Catholic perspective.

I grow tired of being told everyone else has a right to religious freedom, but my devotion to Our Lady or my observance of Eucharistic Adoration are "off-limits" and "intrude" on their ecumenical charism.

The Mariavite Old Catholic rite has always supported the right of people to celebrate their diversity, and honours same-gender committed relationships in the same way that traditional married folks are respected. But equally important, we make the distinction between a person's rights to the same civil protections and benefits of domestic partnership, marriage or whatever one chooses to call it, and the overstepping of boundaries, which attempts to force any one religious agenda (or lack thereof) on others.

If a particular church, synagogue, temple or mosque chooses, by virtue of their tradition, not to bless same gender unions, we MUST respect and honour that, just as they must respect and honour (while disagreeing) with those of us who do so.

Pax et bonum!
+francis-maria, osf
The Spiritus Project

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