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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Organized Anarchy

I was surfing the web this evening in an attempt to postpone finishing my last final for as long as possible. This way I can both be irritated that it's not finished and happy that something else has distracted me.

As I was downloading some entries into my computer's calendar, I came across a download for an "Anarchist Calendar" and I wondered how organized one had to be in order to come up with a calendar, yet still be disorganized enough to be an Anarchist. Somewhat like my earlier days working in the comic book store when you would see several people wearing the same shirt that said "Corrosion of Conformity" - rebellious and assimilating at the same time.

Certainly Catholicism has its own sort of irony. You become truly free by submitting to the will of God. You must lose your life to save it. Perhaps its in our nature to strive for the reconciliation of opposites, to seek both freedom and security, order and chaos. It seems to me that this is the necessity for the continuing importance of the liberal arts or soft sciences. The hard sciences give us certainty, the soft sciences give us complication - in comparison with our present reality is not complication more true?

In two weeks we will celebrate the Incarnation of the One who is Truth into this very messy world and who lived in the messiness of life from the blood and water of his birth to the blood and water of his death. This is one who wasn't afraid to fully participate in the messiness, the pain, the humanity of this present reality and to make it holy.


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