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Friday, January 07, 2005

That sound you hear is the approach of another semester

Just finished up a week with all of the other friars in various stages of formation. On Tuesday Brs Nathan and I talked about the mysteries of the Trinity - God help me I may becoming a theologian. I must repeat to myself - I am a historian, I am a historian, I am a historian. We also discussed the importance of social work within our religious life.

Several of us have come down with colds, I blame the friars who came down from Loretto because they are no longer staying with us. On Monday the academic calendar for my last semester begins, I don't have a class until Wednesday but it's a big day. I will be taking classes on presiding, on the theology of the presbyterate, the second part of my integrating seminar and a night class focussing on sexual ethics. I don't think it will be as exciting as it sounds.

I have been spending some of my free time lately watching DVDs on my computer that I bought at least a year ago and am finally getting around to watching. I am also forcing myself to watch all of the "extras" so I can persuade myself that I got my monies worth. I have been watching the first two Harry Potter movies and soon will take a look at the third. I must say that I appreciate the way that the Lord of the Rings included the additional scenes within the overall movie rather than separately. I guess it just helps to see movie as a whole. Oh well, they didn't ask my opinion but let me say, Warner Brothers, if you are reading this blog how about taking it under advisement?


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