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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

On the eve of hump day

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which I have mentioned is my longest and most unpleasant day. Fortunately, it only comes once a week and the rest of the week isn't too bad. I spent most of the day doing homework and some more stuff on the revised web page. I can see that it is going to take a long time as I seem to have a great idea, work on it for awhile and then through it out for being too extensive. I need to work more on simplicity both on my web page and in my life. Sometimes, I think that impressiveness needs to entail extravagance, big lights and loud sounds. I forget that God comes in the silence.

In other news, for those who have tried to get onto Isidore's Corner - the other blog, and been unable to, it is because I mistakenly typed in the wrong address. Presently, it located at you will note the missing "i" in Isidore's. I will be correcting that on Sunday so that the web address will indeed be the title of the blog and become


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