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I am a Third Order Franciscan of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Celebrating Mass

I spent much of the day getting ready for my practice Mass which will take place in Loretto this weekend. Let me just say that the liturgical texts are not the easiest to follow - those who have tried to say the Liturgy of the Hours [4 volume edition and not that wimpy one volume] know just what I'm talking about.

As a continuing sign of the times I am in, in preparation for doing my diaconal work out in Stuebenville, I have to visit the FBI for a fingerprint and background check. I am hoping that when I try to explain the difference between my legal and religious name that I won't be thrown into Gitmo. But if you see me on CNN, call Johnnie Cocheran for me - or even better call - Jackie Chiles. "If the habit doesn't fit, you must acquit!"


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