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Monday, February 21, 2005

Cooking up the pork

It was cooking day for me again. It's always an adventure to fix dinner on the eve before shopping day as many of the cupboards are bare. I try to make it a challenge finding something that I can fix with whatever is at hand and if I have to substitute one ingredient for another - as long as the brothers don't know, it won't hurt them. Besides, since I'm cooking that means that they will eat it before I do - so I can avoid any of my own mistakes!

Since I am one of the shoppers, one of the other brothers has the weird idea that I shouldn't complain about bare cupboards - as if there must be logic to my disgruntlement. Logical complaints wouldn't be any fun at all. I also gave a reflection today at Mass about the need to recognize the forgiveness of God that has already been offered instead of overly focussing on "our sins". God is all merciful and if we want forgiveness, all we have to do is forgive one another.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna start watchin u more closely.
-- Porky

9:56 PM  

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