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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pope

I don't know how many people are interested in my views as to the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy as Benedict XVI but I'll go ahead and give them anyway. Before the election was announced, I gave a homily here in the house about our prayer that the Holy Spirit might guide the cardinals in their selection. It seems to me that in asking for a guide we are acknowledging that we do not know the way. One does not need a guide for a journey that is easy but only for one that is difficult and the selection of Benedict XVI is certainly difficult for many people.

I do believe that the Holy Spirit guided the cardinals in their selection, but I don't believe that either those who see the election as a disaster or those who are giddy for joy are looking at the election properly. The Holy Spirit is beyond our control and his will is his own, so when the election is made - liberals and conservatives, traditionalists and progressives should be humble enough to see that the selection was not made in response to our own desires, as if they are that important in the long millenia of the church. The Holy Spirit did not chose Ratzinger to spite the liberals or to give joy to the conservatives, rather the Spirit chose Ratzinger for reasons that are his own and which will likely only come to our awareness in the fullness of time.

So, how do I react to the election of Benedict XVI, I react with joy knowing that God remains with us and continues to guide us. Certainly our guide will take us through difficult terrain and we may have to suffer much on the way, but growth is never easy. We cannot remain in the womb, Peter couldn't build a tent on the mountain, and I can't stay here in DC forever. Each of us must continue to move forward from what we are now to what we are to become. For us, Benedict XVI is a necessary part of that growth. In what way? Only the Spirit knows.


Blogger Mr. Matty Molnar said...

hello there! my name is Matty Molnar - i think my mother knows your mother through Pet Adoptions or something --- i am a Diocesan Seminarian - by the way, congrats on all you are doing :). I'm sure God is pleased - and one can never hear this enough!

as for your blog here, i dig what you said... Praise God for the continuance of this time of Salvation History and for His workings in our lives and the way we are able to respond to grace! we need a good man to lead us as Pope and i know B-16 Bomber is the best man for the ministry since the Holy Spirit doesn't do us wrong. we need to pray for him!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Br. Gregory Plow, T.O.R. said...

Good entry on the correct role of the H.S. in the selection of B-16.
I personally admire J. Card. Ratz. But your entry reminds me that I can be happy he was elected, but that the reasons he was elected may be very different from the reasons I like him.
Thank you bro!

10:39 PM  

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